Item D17 - Craftsman-Made 5 Inch Draw Knife. 

A great diminutive home-made draw knife, this one is about as “folky” as you will find.  The blade on this one has an edge length of a touch over 5 inches, and has been fashioned from an old single cut file.  At each end the depth of the file blade was reduced to produce tangs that were then bent and inserted into small wood handles.  At this juncture one of the tangs snapped and has been brazed to effect a repair.  The tangs are fitted into tropical hardwood handles bound by thick brass ferrules (probably cut from heavy brass pipe.  To further secure the handles, circumferential grooves were cut in them near their far ends, and molten lead or pewter was poured into them, as well as into the spaces at the ends of the handles.  These handles are only 2 7/8 inches long.  The entire wingspan of the tool is just a little over 9 inches.  This draw knife is a delight to look at, and it is sharp, ready to use, if you like.  Good+

Price -  $65.00

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