Item CP7 - J. Lamb (UR).  Shoreham, VT(?) 18th Century Hollow

This nice older hollow plane most likely dates to the end of the 18th Century.  It features a yellow birch body and wedge, with flat chamfers wide, with a relieved wedge and lamb’s tongue gouges on the left side below the chamfer ends.  The plane is 9 inches long.  It has a nice “B” stamp (AWP, IV) and “C” wedge.  AWP IV attributes this mark to James Lamb, a cabinet maker in Shoreham, Vermont.  The plane needs just a light cleaning, and has no cracks or chips, with its original dry finish.  The blade has storage rust, but appears in good shape.  The blade is 7/8 inches wide.  Note that another J. Lamb (J. R. Lamb) made planes (actually directed the making of planes in New Bedford, Mass, nearly 90 years after this plane was made.  There is no known connection between the two Lambs.  Fine.




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