CP5 - Stanley No. 13 Circular Plane.  Type 2 (1871-78). 

Not as scarce as the fragile first type (1867-71), this second type has the sole attached to the body with screws, a solid nut blade adjustment knob with two early patent dates (1858 & 1867), solid japanned lever cap.  The blade is lightly marked. “L. Bailey’s Patent / Dec. 24, 1867” in a football shape.  Aside from the patent dates on the blade adjustment nut and blade there are no Stanley marks on the plane.  This example has been little used, and has a long, clean original blade.  There are toolbox scratches in the black finish, but better than 75% of it remains.  There is no rust or pitting.  For its age and rarity, I’d call it Fine.





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