Item C10 - Plane-Axe Combination Utility Tool. New in Original box with Instructions.

This ingenious combination framing hatchet and plane-like shave was produced in the early 1960s by the Plane-Axe Corp in Providence R. I. It was an idea whose time had already passed, and not having been sold in large numbers, it is rare today. This example is in new condition, still with a cosmoline-like coating to protect the nickeled finish, The maple handle, hatchet head and plane chip breaker have all of their original finishes. Two original leaflets come with the tool. This is in its original box (that originally held two).  The hatchet head is marked, “Pat Pend”, but no patent has been discovered. This tool was found in a barn across the street from the address of the Plane-Axe Corp (469 Hartford Ave, Providence, RI). It is NOS and in its original box.

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        Price - $75.00

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