Item BP6 - Stanley No. 15 Block Plane. 

This 7” version of the popular 9 block plane has some unusual features when compared to the type studies of the 9 family of Stanley block planes.  First, it has a Stanley logo in block letters, similar to the “WW” logo cited for bench plane irons manufactured in 1909 (but not mentioned for block plane irons).  Next, it has the forward projecting lever cap lever that was introduced about 1901, and the symmetrical body shape begun about the same time.  But then weird things happen with this plane.  It has only the sliding mouth adjustment feature found only in early types of the plane, with no provision for the eccentric adjustment lever introduced in 1894; there is no provision for a lateral blade adjustment lever (1888); and there is no “hand-y” feature on the cheeks that appeared about 1898.  It appears that this plane body got lost in the manufacturing process somewhere along the line, and came out with a mix of characteristics that don’t make sense in the type studies.  Not a “frankenplane,” these inconsistencies are mostly found in one part—the plane body.  But withal, the plane is certainly a workable one, even with “Damaged” stamped on both the plane body and the blade.  It is clean, with most of its original finishes, and works well.  It is also a candidate for a collection of irregular planes.  Good+


Price -  $35.00

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