Item BK5 - Modern Machine Shop Practice by Joshua Rose.  First American Edition.  Vol. I (1887) and Vol II (1888).  Scribners. 

This wonderful two volume set is the paragon of tool making and the establishment of shops for tools and machines.  The set consists of Vol I, published in 1887 and Vol. II, published in 1888.  Vol. I consists of 474 pages in a large format (13 x 10 pages) containing 1877 steel engravings.  Its 21 chapters deal with subjects like gears and gear wheel teeth, screw threads, fastening devices, lathes and lathe construction, measuring machines and tools, drilling machines, etc. etc.  This volume is tight with slight scuffing of the corners.  All pages are present and are clean.  There is foxing on the end covers and frontispiece.  Vol. II contains 483 pages and 1534 additional figures.  The 25 chapters include such topics as vise work, pulleys and shafting, wood working machinery, steam engines, etc.  This volume also includes appendices containing a very useful glossary and the index for both volumes.  This volume is in lesser condition, having a broken spine and some loose pages.  All the pages are present, however.  The is the most complete and classic account of machinery used in tool making.  Another item (BK6) contains the hard to find supplement to this first edition, which includes all of the changes and additional material contained in the second edition.  2 volumes - $150.00


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