The Adventures of Sir Goblin, the Feline Knight is a young adult novel by Barbara E. Moss of Westport, MA, and published by Polar Bear and Company of Solon, ME.  It tells the tale of an ordinary tomcat who lived during the Middle Ages.  At a time when cats were often tortured and killed for the supposed association with witches, Sir Goblin becomes a hero by saving the life of a nobleman.  He is knighted and honored in his village.  Finding himself thrust into the center of extraordinary events he saves lives, solves crimes, reveals a secret plot and changes the destiny of a struggling medieval village.  He does all of this not by using any magic powers, but just his good cat sense.

While the stories have a touch of fantasy in that most cats do not become detectives, the historic background is well researched and an effort made to present a realistic picture of the joys and concerns of medieval life.  For a story chock full of knights in shining armor, castles, feasts and fairs, and all things medieval, join Sir Goblin on his adventures.

This is the book I've been working on for a long time, and comes from my heart.  I've always wanted to write a book about a heroic cat, similar to the sorts of books (Lassie, the Black Stallion) that are out there for young readers who are dog and horse lovers.

It sells for $15.95, plus $2.23 in postage.  It is well illustrated and is 310 pages long.  It can be ordered from or directly from the author

When ordered from the author, a signed copy will be sent upon receipt of $15.95 plus postage ($1.42--book rate; $2.21--first class; in the U.S.), .  Barbara can be reached at:

(508) 636-2030

Barbara E. Moss
16 Ivy Meadows Lane
Westport, MA 02790



Barbara Moss' cat writings have appeared in Cats and Kittens Magazine, The New Bedford Standard Times, Habitat for Cats Newsletter, and Furry Friends Frolics, among others.  She holds a degree in biology and has kept cats for many years.   The Adventures of Sir Goblin, the Feline Knight  is her latest book.