Item B22 - Exquisite T-Handle Reamer.

The most unique and striking reaming tool that I've handled, this wonderful tool cuts or enlarges a tapered hole in the hardest of woods. Clearly made for (or by) a master piano maker this reamer has an overall length 8 inches including the top handle and a tapered shaft. The wood is boxwood. The turned top handle is 4 inches long and is fastened with to the shaft with a rectangular mortise and tenon joint, having two wedges. The tapered shaft is 1 diameter at the top and ' diameter at the bottom. The length of the shaft contains lathe-cut transverse grooves at 1/8 intervals, and these grooves are intersected by three curved channels that wrap around the length of the shaft. In each channel there is a steel cutter 1/8 wide placed at every third cicumferential band. The arrangement of the very sharp cutters is such that each channel contains about 20 cutters. These are offset 1/8 with each succeeding channel, producing cutting edges that overlap so has to make a continual cutting edge as the tool is turned. This is a stunning tool! It is Fine.


              Price - $220.00

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