Item B21 - Millers Falls No. 5 Rosewood Tool Handle. 

Millers Falls produced the No. 5 tool handle fairly early on, but by the early 1900s it had been dropped from the catalog.  This was the largest of the tool handles, being 7 Ĺ inches.  According to the 1887 catalog, it was made with a rosewood or cocobolo body and a lignum vitae cap.  The example here is of that construction.  The knurled chuck shell on this tool handle was fairly elongate.  This one is marked with the Millers Falls name, and carries the patent date of Jan. 14, 1868.  This patent was for Charles Amidonís improvement to the jaws of the Barber chuck.  The jaws and chuck design in this tool handle (and a few others that Iíve seen) does not seem to fit Amidonís described patent.  The jaws are short, there are studs in the sides of the jaws that fit into a V-shaped cutout in the threaded portion of the chuck, and there is a hairspring that hold the jaws open at the back of the jaws (which are not pinned together).  This same chuck was also used on the small sweep ďPiano makerís bracesĒ Nos. 16 and 16, made by Millers Falls.  Perhaps, because the brace design may never have been patented, Amidonís patent date was applied to protect the chuck from copiers.  This tool handle is in great condition, its only apology is that only 4 of the original 8 tools are found in the storage compartment.  Good+

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