Item WP9 - Decorated  Jointer Plane. 

While this eye-catching plane at first glance has some continental European attributes, I believe that is an American product, through perhaps from a European immigrant carpenter.  It has some similarities (especially the wedge) to some quite early American jointer planes.  The plane is made of finely grained beech wood with rounded toe and heal, and a basic raze shape to the 25 inch long body.  It has an ebony or rosewood strike button quite close to the toe.  The closed tote is very American in style, and the double tapered blade is 2 inches wide and is marked by Buck Bros.  It appears to be original.  A very narrow plane, it is only 2 inches wide.  With a body depth also 2 inches on the fore deck.  The decoration includes faint (worn) purfling on the top sides (in a form seen in some Nova Scotia planes), multiple inlays on walnut on the sides and top of the body, and divider-engraved decoration on the wedge (which has a rounded top).  The escapement is carved in a truncated tear-drop shape.  The walnut inlays consist (a) of two large hearts, one in front of the escapement, and the other behind the tote on the top.  The sides of the raised front segment of the body are inlaid with two walnut diamonds on each side, and two walnut disks aft of the tote on each side.  The plane is marked with the stamped initials “F.D.” repeated three times vertically on the toe, and once on the inside front rim of the escapement.  The top of the Buck Bros blade has also been stamped with the same mark.  The plane has been well used, but certainly not abused.  There is a patch in front of the mouth to close it after sole wear, and plenty of paint streaks are on the sole.  The tote horn has been broken and reglued in place.  It will be an easy fix to fill the open spaces and smooth it out.  Otherwise, only a light cleaning is in order.  All in all this is a wonderfully ornate plane of the sort that is not often found.  Good+


Price -  $230.00

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