Item SUR9 - Buff & Buff (Boston) Gift Medallion for Auto or Collection.

The Buff & Buff Mfg. Co. produced transits and other fine surveying instruments in Boston from 1898 through 1962.  At some point they produced this gift item for their customers and friends.  It is a bas relief metal oval medallion, measuring  4 inches high and 3 inches wide, with the impression of a transit on its tripod, marked, “Buff  / Boston.”  The paper that comes with the medallion notes that copper wired attached to the back were meant for…”attaching thru top part of your automobile radiator.”  I would guess that this dates to the 1920s.  It is a great collectible for a surveying collector or auto enthusiast.  Note that in the descriptive paper, “Massachusets” is mispelled.  With a copy of the descriptive paper, it is Fine.

  Price -   $25.00

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