Item SCR21 - Old Whale Bone graduated Rule Segment

This piece of sailor made scrimshaw almost certainly started off about 150 years ago as a measuring stick.  Most likely it had a dual purpose as both a 36 inch yard stick, and a piece goods yard stick.  One side is roughly marked into inches with transverse saw kerfs cut across the stick which is 7/8 square.  The other side has but one such kerf, positioned at 8 inches from the end.  This would mark the yard mark of a piece goods yard.  The original end of the stick is quite worn and has at least one old chip.  The length is also marked with chips and old knife marks.  The other end, at 8 has been more recently cut with a hand saw.  It stands as a great example of a sailor made piece for use both by a carpenter and a seamstress.  Fine.






Price -    $275.00

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