SCR1 - Sailorís Whale Bone & Ivory Walking Stick. 

This nicely crafted, but relatively simple, walking stick was surely crafted by a whale man while on a whaling voyage in the 19th Century.  The cane is 33 Ĺ inches long, including a German silver ferrule atop a steel tip to the well shaped pommel carved from a Sperm Whale tooth.  The pommel is globular with narrowed to a neck that meets the shaft at a ring of German Silver.  The shaft is well tapered bone from the lower jaw of a Sperm Whale.  The top of the pommel has a central disk of inset whale ivory.  The is a single drying crack that passes up one side of the pommel.  This is not unusual.  It is a fine example.


Price -   $900.00

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