Item S8 Bay State (Fitchburg, MA) No. 74 Carcase Saw.

This distinctive saw is one not seen to often, especially in the super condition of this example.  The saw has an open beech wood handle, with two nickel plate brass saw screws and has no damage except for small hang hole bored at the top of the handle hold.  The blade has an edge length of nearly 18 inches and tapers from a 3” depth at the heel to 1”at the toe.  It is clean without tarnish or stain.  There is a light stamp on the blade, “Bay State Mfg. Co.” (in an arc), over “74”. And Fitchburg, MA.  The filing is abou 8ppi, and it is sharp.  The saw shows little sign of use.  Fine.













Price - $50.00

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