Item RB6 - Wooden Try Square. 12 Mahogany & Walnut

Tired of having the steel blades of ordinary try squares getting rusted and messed up? Tired of having those blades getting nicks on the blades? I have, and am now using sturdy wooden try squares, safe, rugged and accurate. This is such a square. Made by a craftsman using a walnut handle, 2 wide, 3/4 thick and 9 1/2 long, this has a blade made of furniture grade mahogany the is 1/4 thick, nearly 3 wide and has an exposed inner edge of 12 1/2 and an exposed straight edge of 14 1/4 It is flat, square (there are 5 wood pins holding it to the handle), and makes no noise or damage when it bumps into something. Made by a craftsman it is a joy to use. Fine.


Price - $15.00

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