R18 - "Hall-Mark" Cordage Rule.  Hull, England

This interesting and nearly new cordage rule/caliper that is marked "Hall-Mark / Ropes and Cordage/ Sole Suppliers / Harll's Barton Ropery Co. LTD, Hull, England."  Not listed in the Rhee's "Rule Book", I suspect it dates from about 1965.  In excellent condition, it is of the smaller cordage rule size, 4 1/2 x 1 3/4" with scales in both inches and millimeters.  It measures both diameters and circumference, and provides a table showing coil weights of different sizes of manila and sisal/manila rope as well as breaking strengths in the sizes.  In excellent condition this is a great little rule for a nautical or cordage rule collection  Fine.  $125.00

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Price - $125.00

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