Item P7 - Marples ( Sheffield, Eng) No. M7 Jointer Plane.

This 22” jointer is a later product of the English Marples production, and is in  top condition.  I’ve not cleaned it at all, but a quick sprucing up will show the plane to have nearly all of its original finishes, including red paint in the bed, most nickel finshon the lever cap, no cracks or chips on the tote and knob, and even an original decal on the top of the tote horn.  There is light storage rust on the side walls that will wipe off easily.  The long blade is marked with the Marples name and “solid crucible steel”.  Weighing in at nearly 8 lbs, it is significantly heavier than an equivalent Stanley No. 7.  Fine

 Price - $125.00

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