Item P31 - OWT Router. Larger Size with 3/4” Cutter.

This large and distinctive “Old Woman's Tooth” router has a heavy mahogany body with large spoke shave shaped handles that give it a wing span of about 17 inches. The sole is steel plated and measures 4 inches wide and 2 7/8 inches deep. The thick unmarked blade is long and clean, and is held by a shapely mahogany wedge. The only name on the tool is a fancy stamp reading “WA Connell” on the heel of the plane, just above the base plate. This is in excellent working condition and suffers only slight, repaired check in the wood to the right of the face plate. Without provision for a fence and flat-bottomed handles, this tool will probably function best as as large spoke shave, perhaps for chamfering large table legs and such. It is an intriguing and good looking tool in Good+ condition.




rice -  $75.00

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