Item P26 - Stanley No. 20 Circular Plane.  Type 1 (1897-1907)

Generally acknowledged as the best of the circular plane for use, this example is quite an early one.  Not only does it have the June 17, ’79 patent date on the dovetail fixing the frog, but it also has the chip breaker marked with Schade’s 2/7/1893 patent.  This is a very seldom found feature.  The plane has better than 90 percent of its original nickel plating, and a clean sole.  The only apology is a pin is missing that fastens the rear of the sole to the strut from the frame.  A former owner substituted a screw for this, but a pin would be easy to reinsert.  Else the pin, it is a collectible example of this early circular plane.  Fine.


Price -  $190.00

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