Item P24 - Stanley No. 55.  Set of Cutters.  In 4 Boxes. 

This set of standard cutters for the Stanley No. 55 combination plane contains 54 blades, shy just one from the set that was produced after 1925.  The missing cutter is No. 104, the ” Grecian Ogee.  The set includes the slitter.  The blades are generally clean, with occasional tarnish spots but the is no rust or pitting, and eht edges are generally shiny and sharp.  The set incudes the two chamfering blades as the match cutter.  The odd 13/16” plough blade has been modified to cut a square with bevel profile.  All of the others are unmodified.  The four original boxes are sans labels, and in just Good conditions.  This is a good opportunity to get a set at less than $5 per cutter.  Good+

       Price -  $200.00

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