Item NA7 - Sailor’s Cosh with Fancy Rope Work.

Surely made by a deepwater sailor, perhaps on an 19th Century Whaler, this lead weighted cosh would have been carried on shore leave for personal defense, or used by a mate on a square rigger for controlling unruly deck hands.  The cosh consists of two egg-shaped cast pieces of lead, tightly bound in fancy macramé rope work.  These are connected to each other with a 4 ½ inch of cotton twist rope having a diameter of about ½ inch.  One leaded end has been drilled to accept a short lanyard to fit around the wrist.  The present lanyard may not be original. The rope work encasing the lead pieces has been tarred.  It looks like a very effective tool to use in quelling a mutiny or winning a bar fight.  It is an outstanding sailor’s tool – worthy of any nautical collection.  Easily Good.


  Price - $225.00

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