Item NA3 - New York Knife Co (Hammer Brand) Folding Race Knife. 

Hammer Brand pocket knives were made by the New York Knife Co from about 1878.  Marked race knives and timber scribers are rare indeed, and the folding variety are even more scarce.  These were used both to mark the waterline of hulls (the race) and to carve curved and straight figures in planks and logs to mark their owners, or to indicate the positions of staves in a cask.  This folding race knife is marked, “Goldine” on the brass handle, with the blade being marked, New York Knife Co. / Walden” on one side, and “Hammer Brand” on the other.  It is in nice condition, suffering only a couple of dings in the handle brass on one side, and some very scattered, very light pitting on the blade.  Rare and Unusual.  Good+


Price -$60.00

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