Item NA21 - Mesquite Caulking Mallet. 

This genuine, old caulking mallet has the use, material, and style found in the old, 19th century American caulking mallets.  The body is made from mesquite—the favored tough wood of which the genuine articles were made.  It is equipped with its original steel rings, both behind the faces of the mallet and on the central section, just outside the thickened section.  This is quite different from the British version, where the middle section is strengthened with rivets set through the wood.  The head has through kerfs on both ends of the heads inboard of the outer rings, plus a drill hole in each kerf.  These were user made and were meant to “tune” the mallet, so that all of the caulker’s in a team(that might consist of 30 or so men) were “playing” in the same musical key.  This reduced the irritation caused by the cacophony or din caused by the group.  This feature sets this mallet as one that was used on large wooden ships, not smaller boats where only a couple of caulkers would be a work at the same time.  The handle is oak and extends 15 inches below the head.  The head is 14 ½ inches long and has faces that are 1 ¾ inches in diameter.  The head has some old checks and cracks, but is solid, and will stand a lot of use.  Easily Good.


Price -  $50.00

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