Item NA1 - French Regulatory Fish Net Mesh Gage. 

This very unusual gage was used in France some time ago for a Fisheries Officer measure and check the mesh sizes of fisherman seeking prey such as trout (Saumons) and crayfish, shrimp,  or crabs (Ecrevisse).  The gage consists of a four-sided pyramidal boxwood body with a holding knob carved the bottom.  This device can be pushed into the mesh of a seine or dip net to measure the mesh size.The small end has lines 10 mm in length, and this expands to those as long as 40 mm near the bottom.  Separate lines on the four sides are marked as regulatory maxima and minima.  An official looking seal on one side is centered with “Peche” and the words, “Ponts et ohaussees”- which defies my understanding of French.  Certainly this is an interesting “whatsit” or standard measure for the curious at heart  Fine.




     Price -   $500.00

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