Item NA1 - Sailor-Made Lignum Vitae Fid.

This seaman's fid for rope work is 13 inches long, with a top diameter of 1 5/8 inches. It is made from a dark, heavy hardwood that has the density, a touch of sapwood at the top, and a few longitudinal drying cracks that are typical of Lignum vitae. The fid has a carved knob (it doesn't appear to be lathe- turned) below of which there is a recessed hand hold to about 3 inches down the tool. From there it is smoothly tapered to a relatively fine point. There are a few small longitudinal drying cracks, but nothing serious. The lower part shows the marks of rope yards, and a few streaks of white paint. It has been used, but certainly not too much. It is a decorative, but clearly hand made fool. Fine.



Price -  $110.00

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