Item MA8 - Machinist-made Steel Mitre Square.

A “new” tool in my experience, this heavy mitre square, after the form of the ordinary manufactured steel try square was obviously made by a talented machinist for his personal use. The square has a steel base that is 7 inches long, 1 7/16 inches wide and 5/8 inches thick. The end receiving the mitre blade is nicely chamfered. This steel blade is 8 inches long, 7/16” wide, and 1/8” thick. The handle is stamped, “45o”. The name of the maker, “E. Dewhurst” is boldy stamped on the base. It is a rugged mitre square that weighs a full two pounds. The blade is firmly held to the base by three flush ground steel rivets. It will not get out of square. There is a little pitting in the steel in the base near the name stamp, but otherwise just suffers light tarnish. The fitted wood case is made of pine. Good+


        Price -$40.00

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