MA10 - A. Waldeck (Cleveland) Wire Gage. Made for George Prentiss Holyoke.

A seldom seen gage, this one was made for the Prentiss Wire Mills of Holyoke, Mass, probably in the late 1890s. Anthony Waldeck made wire gages in Cleveland, Ohio from 1893 to 1910. This gage is marked, “Prentiss / Holyoke” This is the wire mill established by George W. Prentiss about 1857, and run by him until about 1873. After that the Prentiss company moved into a new mill and continued as the Prentiss Wire Mill Company until the 1900s. Prentiss developed a proprietary system of numbering wire and sheet metal by thickness (gage number). The gage is about 6 inches long and 2 inches widde. It gage may have been used to measure piano wire, which was one of the Prentiss company's products. It is a rarely seen gage today. Easily Good.


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