Item M29 - Ainsworth Type Rubber Dam Punch

In a never ending quest to find unusual old tools I came upon this pliers-shaped tool that has a punch with a cone-like head of small dimensions. When closed the punch head meets a circular anvil into which are set a series of five small holes of increasing diameter (from roughly ˝ to 3mm) are arranged. The anvil rotates to select the appropriate size hole. The interior of the holes are shaped to match cones of the punch heads. Experimenting a bit, this punch produces wonderfully symmetrical small holes in thin material like paper, light card, tinfoil, etc. It looks like a great tool for hobbyists (boat modeler's come to mind). The tool is marked with the double S logo of SS White, dental manufacturers. I've learned that this is a dental tool, known as a “rubber dam punch”. Rubber dams, it turns out, have been used in endodontics since about 1862, and the punches have been produced at least since the early 1880s. By 1882 rubber dams were in regular use, and punches like the one here ("Ainsworth" pattern) were produced by SS White, and other dental tool manufacturers.  These were used to punch holes in the dam material so that it could be tied to the frames.  The funnel-shaped walls of the holes, produced by the punch, apparently allow the elastic material of the dam material to close around the ties, preventing leakage of unwanted fluids into the operating space.  The punches) are still in use today. This is a tool we don't see often. It makes a great conversation piece, and would work well on small craft item. Easily Good+


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