Item M19 - Stanley No H1210 Handyman Bench Vise. 

 The number bench 1210 vise was produced by Stanley, as part of its Defiance line of tools, from 1934 to 1953.  After 1953 its production was continued as the No. H1210 Handyman Bench Vise.  In both forms iIt featured 2 ½ inch jaws.  The vise clamps to a bench top, and swivels, with positive locks available at two positions. .  Moreover the sides of the back and front jaw standards are cast with tiers of ribs, giving the tool a decided modern look.  The Defiance version was finished with a more muted red and blue gray  colors.  This Handyman tool is bright red and blue. With a kind of "Buck Rogers" look, it is a nice looking and very functional small bench vise that is in just about new condition.  It is a great example of the “modernist” approach that Stanley used on some tools in the 1950s.  Fine.





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