Item L7 - Stratton Brothers No. 11 Machinist’s Level.  26” 

The Stratton Brothers/Stratton Level Co. produced a series of small stock mahogany plumb and levels at some point, probably near the 1900 mark.  The y appear as No. 11 (although catalog listings appear to be scanty).  This model is made of a mahogany stock that measures 1” x 2” high, brass bound with full endcaps dowelled to the binding, and marked “11” on both endcaps.  This is one of those levels in a long (26”) form.  Distinctively this level has one plumb vial, and there is no brass surrounding the side views of the level or plumb vial.  This level has the adjustable wire feature on both level and plumb vials.  It is marked, “Stratton Brothers / Greenfield” on the rectangular top plate, and has no patent date markings.  The brass has a little wear on the corners, but not significant dents or dings.  The mahogany woo d is worn, with dings, but no cracks or chips.  It appears to be a relatively scarce Stratton level in an unusual size.  Easily Good.



Price -  $75.00

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