Item L4 - Gagnon & Hawthorne 1917 Patent bevel/square/inclinometer/level. Good+

A tool that I've not seen before, this interesting tool is a combination rule/level/bevel/square and inclinometer—all in one. The body of the tool is marked, “Model / Pat. US. Feb. 13. 17” in a diamond. This is the patent No. 1, 216,105 awarded to Joseph E. Gagnon (Phila) and John A. Hawthorne Jr (Chester, Pa) for a combination tool with rule, level vial, protractor, etc). The tool, which matches the patent drawing faithfully has a 12” steel rule, graduated in 16th on both sides that is pinned to a rotating head with a round head rivet. The head is formed from three pieces of heavy pressed steel joined with 6 additional rivets that form a slot for the rule to swing into. Inset into this body is a central disk (pinned to the rule) around which the body pivots. The disk contains a locking toggle screw and has protractor markings from 0 to 90 degrees. The far end of the body has a small steel enclosed level vial mounted on it. I can find little information on this tool. It is listed in the EAIA DAT with little further information. Gagnon and Hawthorne award 1/3 of the rights to one Alfred S. Orchard of Philadelphia. Orchard was apparently an agent for patent development and is mentioned with respect to a couple of patents involving printing equipmennt. This tool is a very solid and heavy one. It has tarnish which would clean up, but no rust or pitting. The markings are light, but will be enhanced by a gentle cleaning. It is an interesting tool. Good+




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