L1 - H. M. Pool Plumb & Level. 26 Cuban Mahogany.

While the Pool clan of Easton, Mass made levels as far back as the 1820s, Horace Minot Pool began making levels under just his own name about 1842. This level has the characteristics of Pool levels of Vogel's type 12. It has large double side views only on one side. Brass top plate with inverse arched ends and 12 brass screws. The plumb side view is rectangular. This very heavy Cuban mahogany body is 24 inches long with brass end tips. It is 3 inches high and 1 7/16 inches thick. The wood is without cracks or chips. There is some wear on the edges, but they are reasonably sharp for a level that is almost 175 years old. Easily Good.



       Price - $75.00

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