ESK8 -  Eskimo Hunter's Bag. Sinew Sewn. Seal & Caribou Hide

This older hand sewn bag is made of alternating caribou and seal hide sections on its sides, with seal hide bottom and caribou hide draw string top. The bag is about 13 inches high (long) an has a near round diameter of about 2 inches. It was probably a seal hunter's bag in which to carry harpoon and spear points, and tools  when at work. The panels are sewn at about 1 inch intervals, and are tightly hand stitched with sinew. This a a quite decorative bag and is a great example of older Eskimo needle work. I'd estimate that it dates to the late 19th or early 20th century. The bag is stiff with age and dryness. I've treated it with leather conditioner and neats foot oil, and it is beginning to soften. It needs some careful rubbing to get its full softness back. There is a thin spot in one caribou panel about 3 inches from the top that has broken through with a resulting ragged hole about 1 1/2" long. It could be patched, or left as is. It is a handsome bag. Easily Good


  Price - $300.

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