ESK8 -Curved Bone Knife. 

This knife-like implement, carved from a mammal rib, most likely that of  a caribou (reindeer) is in the original rib curve form with the dorsal end narrowed for the last 4 inches.  The end remains wide, and is bow drilled with a small hole, probably for a wrist lanyard.  The inner surface is somewhat concave, but this could be due to the erosion of the cancellous bone in the core of the rib. Overall it is 10 inches long.  It has been suggested to me that the curve and length are appropriate to use in smoothing the outside of an Eskimo-made snow house (igloo).  Certainly not made for the tourist trade, this is a good old Eskimo-made tool for personal use.  Fine and unique.



















Price -    $100.00

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