ESK16 -  Eskimo Walrus Ivory Comb. 

This comb was recovered from one of the middens on Saint Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea, and while not tremendously old, it may date from the late 1800s.  The comb, like most, is made from Walrus tusk ivory, and shows only light yellowing.  It is 4 inches long and 1 inches wide.  Two terminal teeth have been broken from one side, but nine remain.  The top of the comb has a large bored hole that probably served to hang in from a lanyard, and ready for use.  With very short teeth (3/8 long), this was probably not used for human hair, but was most likely for coming out the fur on pelts (Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare) used for clothing.  It has abundant tool marks, including those from scrapers used to flatten the ivory and saw marks from forming the teeth.  It is a nice example of an authentic Eskimo tool.  Good+



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