SCR11 - Eskimo Parasol Handle.  Carved (Musk Ox?) Horn Handle.

This Eskimo made -parasol handle has been repurposed as a knife by affixing  to a carved horn handle in the Eskimo style.  The handle is made of horn, and its rich golden color is suggestive of an origin from the boss of the musk ox.  This is completely appropriate to the appearance of the knife.  This horn handle is elaborately carved in the shape of a hand, with long delicate fingers gripping the base of the blade end.  There is a hole for a lanyard through the handle, which is appropriate to a parasol handle..  The curved blade  (6 inches long) has been sharpened down, and is surely not original to the handle.  A brass ferrule (loose) protects the top of the handle from further splintering.  The handle is 5 inches long.  This is a horn carving  for a collector.  Easily Good.


Price -  $50.00



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