Item D5 - Gunstock/Cabinet Maker’s Scraper Shave. 

This is a great, solid scraper shave that is heavy and feels good in the hands.  The shave has a body that could be apple wood, and has an applied sole of bone.  The bone is applied with wood pegs, so there is no danger of metal scarring the work piece.  The shave has a wing span of  13 inches, with slightly down-turned ends and a hang hole in one end.  It was fitted (a good while ago) with an extra thick blade (3/32” thick) that presents a scraping edge that is 2 ˝ inches long.  The blade is clean and without pitting.  Its extra thickness required the addition of brass fixing screw that are longer than the original ones.  A quick jointing of the edge, and turning a hook will make this a great scraper to use on the finest jobs.  Good+

Price -  $50.00

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