Item D5 - Stanley No. 152 Adjustable Spoke Shave.

Of the No. 15x spoke shaves, the No. 151 having raised “gull wing” handles is by far the most popular. But the No. 152, having flat handles, is useful too—especially with wood workers who like to hold their shaves a level close to the cutting edge. However, the No. 152 is a fairly scarce tools. I see probably one No. 152 for every 20 No. 151. This example is the No. 152. It has a Sweetheart logo on a blade with lots of room. There is missing finish from the upper side of the left handle ad a little pitting on the screw adjust that doesn't affect use. Also some pitting near the top of the blade where it doesn't harm. But it is a usable shave in a model you don't see too often. Good.

Price -  $20.00

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