Item D4 - Ohio Tool Co. No. 075 Light Cooper’s Spoke Shave. 

Spoke shaves made by the Ohio Tool Co, and not common, and the longer handled cooper’s shaves are especially scarce.  This number (No. 057) is an emulation of the scarce Stanley No. 57 shave, and like it has a wingspan of 18 inches, and a blade width of 2 1/8 inches.  This example has lost about half of its original japanning in a mottled fashion.  The blade is original and is marked with the Ohio Tool Co. “World” logo that dates from about 1910.  There is tarnish on the blade, with some light pitting on the back.  The shave will clean up nicely and be a good user, or an item for a collection.  Easily Good.

Price -   $55.00

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