Item D15 -Nobles Mfg. Co. (Elmira, NY).  Adjustable Draw Knife.

Milton Nobles of Elmira was a brace manufacturer in Elmira, NY (see the brace article  He hired a work man, Richard Watrous) who had invented the adjustable handle drawknife offered here.  This was in 1857.  Nobles manufactured this brace until selling his business about 1870.  Watrous continued to serve the succeeding companies, and may have even produced them under his own name.  Later the patent rights were obtained by the James Swan Co. who made them, and by C. E. Jennings who made them as well.  The brace here, however, is one of the early ones, carrying the Nobles Mfg Co. name, as well as the Watrous 1857 patent date.  A smaller example, it has a 7 edge length, and a 14 wing span.  It is in clean and shiny condition, with solid handles that suffer one old chip on the left hand side.  It is a nice example of a popular adjustable handle draw knife.  Fine.

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