Item D11 - Windsor Beading Tool.  Second Type.

The original patent (#313,617) was issued to Lawrence V. Poole - Windsor, VT, and Orlando E. Williams - Windsor, VT on March 10, 1885.  This example carries a partial paper label with the March 10 date on it.  The label also notes that there is a “patent for improvement pending.”  That patent was awarded on June 2, 1885 and its improvements are seen in this example The tool features a round cutter with six different profiles. The cutter is held to a large half round brass casting by a large brass knurled knob and can be rotated to select the desired cutting profile. The whole cutter assembly rides on a thick brass track screwed to the Walnut Frame. The Fence attached to the bottom is fixed, but the cutter assembly moves across a distance of about 3". Two brass tipped end caps on the handles complete the picture 10 5/8" This one is in excellent condition, noting that this walnut version with a paper label is scarce.  Fine.



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