Item D10 - Hoague Improved Draw Knife Chamfer Gauge

J. H. Hoague was awarded a patent for his chamfer guide design on July 19, 1887 (No. 366724).  At the time he resided in Chicopee, Mass.  The DATAMP tool patent data base suggests that this patent is not known to have been produced, but for a time Hoague apparently manufactured and sold his guides, charging 60 cents (including postage) for them.  Later the G.W. Bullock Co. of Springfield, Mass also made and sold them.  But it is a fact that very few of these chamfer guides are encountered today.  Here we have a set of Hoague’s chamfer guides in their original box, as first produced by him.  The guides are in brand new, shiny condition, including the graduated bar to align them consistently, and are clearly marked with the patent date.  This set is in the s” 1 ¼” size, and is said to fit draw knife blades of 1, 1 1/8, and 1 ¼ inch widths.  It is a nice example of a scarce item.  NIB. 




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