Item CP3 - Aaron Smith* (Rehoboth, MA) Toted Ship Builder’s Rabbet Plane

One of the early plane makers in southeastern New England, Aaron Smith probably apprenticed with Jo. Fuller of nearby Providence, RI in the late 1700s, and then began to make planes under his name in Rehoboth.  He was prolific plane maker until his death in 1823.  Three of his sons (Ezekiel Smith, Jarvis Brown Smith, and Aaron Mason Smith also became plane makers.This large toted rabbet plane is an unusual form for Smith.  It has attributes that likely date it to the early 1800s.  It is 14 inches long, with a width of 1 5/8 inches and a body height of 3 inches. The body has been thinned about 1/8 inch by a user who planed the outset, reset the nicker on that side, an installed simple external fixed depth stop.  Also there are screw holes on the left side of the sole from what must have been a fence.  I’ve removed the depth stop.  This plane is made of beech, and has round chamfers.  The wedge is a bit battered about the finial, but appears to be original.  The open tote is perfect.  Despite its sufferings this is a good looking plane.  The skewed and unmarked blade is long and is clean and shiny.  The mark is the B mark of AWP IV, and is the third imprint recorded by Rick Slaney.  This plane came from William Thatcher’s Rehoboth mid-19th century tool chest.  Although an earlier owner put his mark “IP” on the nose of the plane, it probably never left the town of Rehoboth where it was made.  It is a nice example of Smith’s work.  Good+

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