The L.M.&K. Wks was located in Lancaster, New York between 1896 and 1925.  They made braces, among other items, until 1916 when their brace operation was sold to the Stanley Rule and Level Co.  Chief among their braces was a ratchet brace that incorporated the ratchet patent of Joseph Zirikelback from Oct. 14, 1890 (#438338, Pearson "NS").  The patent involves a ratchet selector not unlike Pflegar's 1876 patent, in that the selector is a vertical bevel edge plate.  The movement of the plate is controlled by a lever attachment that protrudes from the upper side of the frame in front of the ratchet housing.  These braces also incorporate a pair of short jaws that hook into a cast slot in the frame.  They can be easily lost.

Both of the braces I own are very well made and are attractive braces.  Both have a 10" sweep and Barber's Improved type chuck shells.

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