Charles M. Daboll

Charles M. Daboll lived in New London, Connecticut (where I found this brace), and was awarded at least 4 brace patents in his lifetime.  This example is of his last patent,  No. 75,870, issued on March 24, 1868 (Pearson "B").  The patent features a pair of robust but very short jaws, designed to grip the bit shank just below the tang.  The chuck shell screws forward to secure the bit.

This brace is marked with Daboll's name and patent date, and also with the manufacturer,  "Made by the Wilson Mfg Co."   This company was formed in 1868 after the earlier "Wilson Manufactory" (from 1855), that in turn, descended from Increase Wilson's foundry,  going back to 1818.  Wilson produced Taylor's (1836) patent braces.  He died in 1861, before this brace was produced.

This brace has a lignum vitae head, with a decorated brass ferrule under the quill.  And no wooden wrist handle.  It is also marked, "17" probably a model number.  The sweep is 8 inches.


Biographical information is scanty, but it is recorded that he married Jerusha T. Gray (Grey) on July 2, 1846.  A substantial member of the New London community, he is recorded as an incorporator of the Mariner's Savings Bank in 1867,  appointed as a commissioner of the the New London Water commission upon its creation in 1871,  and an officer in 1880 of the Brainard lodge, No. 102, of the Masons in 1880.

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