Item BP7 - Double End Block Plane

In the form of the Stanley No. 130 block plane, this one has the similar design that allows the blade to be reversed between an end with a longer nose piece and the shorter, rear end for bull nose work. This is not marked by a maker (only having a blade with “Warranted Cast Steel) in an ellipse. This has lower side walls than the Stanley. Its dimensions (7 3/4” body length, 1 5/8” blade width) more are identical with those of the similar Sargent No 227 block plane, than the Stanley and Ohio Tools models (8” body length and 1 3/4” blade width. I believe that this is probably a Sargent product from the early 1900s. It has nearly all of its japanning in the bed, but most is worn from the cap. The tropical hardwood knob is original and perfect. Good+

Price - $25.00

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