Item B26 - Machinist-made Brass Drill Bit Index & Stand.

Here is a real “wowser” of a drill stand/index that was craftsman made and would be a coveted addition to any shop.  The tool is in the form of a brass doughnut, having a diameter of 6 inches having beveled edges, inside and out, and a maximum thickness of about 3/16”.  The outer periphery has been drilled with two ranks of holes.  The first is a set of 60, and numbered (on the underside) for drill bits, 1 to 60,  Immediately adjacent is another rank of borings to fit 13 bits in fractional sizes from ¼” down to 1/16” in 64th.  The diameter of each hole is stamped on the underside.  Weighing a full 2 lbs, this is a sturdy and truly exceptional index/stand.  Fine





  Price -  $75.00

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